On December 17th, 2020 a meeting was held for the volunteers over zoom due to the pandemic. The guest speaker was BBC’s Huw Edwards with over 50 attendees.

Huw Edwards made it clear that ‘local’ is such an important aspect today as ever, and that people want and need information local to them. The Papurau Bro have an important role to bring news and activities to its locality.

Huw Edwards said:

“… the ‘papurau bro’ have been miracilisouly succesful to tell the truth… the [papurau bro] offer an opportunity for the community to share information – it is a social service – they offer a platform for people to say how they feel… “

Huw Edwards speaking at the Papurau Bro meeting 17.12.2020

Papurau bro volunteers meeting over Zoom 17.12.2020

A thank you gift for Huw Edwards

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